About PuttView Ambassador Haley Moore

About PuttView Ambassador Haley Moore

PuttView took the greens reading market by storm with the launch of their own Yardage & Greens books, providing players at all levels of the game with golf’s most accurate and detailed greens maps. One of the first professional players to begin using “The Book” was former Arizona star and LPGA player Hayley Moore.

 We caught up with Moore about the challenges 2020 presented, what her future holds, and how the PuttView book is helping her play better golf. 


2020 was your first full year as professional, how did the Covid-19 pandemic impact the year for you?  The COVID-19 pandemic started affecting the tour in March and for me it definitely was heartbreaking. When this happened, the West Coast swing was beginning and I was looking forward to seeing all of my fans who were so happy to see me achieve my dream of playing on the LPGA Tour. We didn't exactly know when we were going to start the season again or even if we would and how different it would be. Once we were able to get back out there, we knew with all the testing and protocols it was going to be a safe environment for us to play and all the fans at home would still be able to watch us compete. 


What is your competitive schedule for 2021?
My 2021 schedule is going to be full force on the LPGA Tour, starting with my first event in mid-February in Florida; then we stay in Florida for one more tournament. I will then be looking forward to staying home for our next event [Kia Classic] which is a local event for me [Carlsbad, Calif.].

What are your goals for the coming year?
My goals for the coming year are to make 90 percent of the cuts on the tour and have a top 10 finish in a major. Of the tournaments I played in 2020, I learned and experienced a bunch of new things and I’m looking to putting that experience to use.

What first attracted you to the PuttView Yardage & Greens Maps?
When I saw pictures of what the PuttView book looked like, I was impressed with it, especially the green contours. To have a book that shows the green contours with the undulation is key to have on a course that you haven’t played on. It can definitely help you place the ball on the green and be able to score. 

What differentiates PuttView’s book from the competition? 
What differentiates PuttView’s book from competition is the information. The amount of information given with the numbers, carry yardages and all the green information is perfect. 

In what ways is the book most valuable to you? 
The green layout and showing all the contours is the most valuable aspect to me.  Being from the West Coast, when I go to Florida it is all Bermuda grass and we don't get much of that here in California. Having a book with the arrows on the greens is definitely helpful in Florida because grain can be tricky to read.  

Did you ever imagine a time where you would be appearing on Good Morning America?!  I never thought I would appear on GMA. When I received the message that they wanted me to be on and be questioned by Robin Roberts, my eyes jut lit up because I know GMA has a lot of viewers and they always have inspiring stories to share.

What has been the reaction to your appearance on the show and the work of the Hayley Moore Foundation?  I loved going on the show and I received a lot of positive comments and positive feedback, which is great to see.  My foundation is coming along. We started developing it a couple of months ago so it is still very new, but we know bullying continues to be a problem to the point where people have their life affected in ways that make it difficult to move on.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a young, relatively new professional golfer and what part of the job has been most enjoyable?
The most challenging thing is being on the road for multiple weeks in a row. It takes a lot out of you mentally and physically, and if you are coming off a bad week, you definitely have to forget about that week and move on. You have to remind yourself the next tournament is a new event; it’s a fresh start and anything can happen. One thing I enjoy about being on Tour is being able to travel to new parts of the country and see the different types of golf courses we play and the culture of the area we are in.  It also is great to have a new challenge to conquer, especially for the major tournaments.  We know they pick excellent golf courses with a challenge to them and that it isn’t going to be easy. Being patient out there and grinding will be the key to getting a top finish or even winning the event