Yardage & Green Maps

upgrade your game


Relevant images and distance (in yards) to include: Carries + runout  //  penalty to penalty  width  //  tee to fairway and fairway to green elevation change  //  to green and from tee rings  //  compass off tee shot and into greens

Fairway arrows in areas that exceed 4% slope (available with yardage + green map only)

Green Map

Dual view topographic slope presented in % for both (accurate to the millimeter)

Greens are scaled to no larger than 3/8 inch to 5 yards.

1 yard/5 yard grid, surrounding hazards and sprinkler heads provided for orientation.


 Book measurement is 6.5"x 3.75".  

The cover is printed on high quality linen paper.

Fits perfectly inside a traditional yardage book cover. 

USGA Legal

"This is the best book in the game"

- Phil Kenyon

Puttview Books allows me to be confident in the decisions I make on the course” 

- Eric Lee